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In total, 1953 productions from 107 countries have been submitted to this first edition of the festival.These are the finalists


- 700 Sharks. France, 92 min, 2018. Le Cinquième Rêve. (Watch video)

- The Sun – Inferno in the Sky. Austria, 50 min, 2018. Terra Mater Factual Studios. (Watch video)

- David Attenborough's Light on Earth. Austria, 51 min, 2016. Terra Mater Factual Studios. (Watch video)

- My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond. United States, 57 min, 2017. Luna Productions. (Watch video)

- The Nature of Things: "A Day in the Life of Earth". United Kingdom, 44 min, 2018. YAP Films and Screen Glue. (Watch video)

- A Dangerous Idea. United States, 102 min, 2016. Paragon Media. (Watch video)





Finalistas Cortometraje documental

Finalistas Cortometraje de ficción


Short Fiction Film

Lift Off. Ireland, 7 min, 2018. Kevin Hughes. (Watch video)

- Carlos Q.D.W. United States,10 min, 2018. Miguel A Rueda-Gonzalez. (Watch video)

- A Scratch on a Sponge Cake. Russia, 12 min, 2019. Alexander Harlamov.

- Ant Sisters. United States, 4 min, 2018. Anna Lindemann. (Watch video)

- The Auxiliary. Belgium, 9 min, 2018. Frédéric Plasman. (Watch video)

- iRony. Australia, 8 min, 2018. Radheya Jegatheva. (Watch video)

- Mrs Somerville's Monument. United Kingdom, 7 min, 2017. Wisterlitz Productions. (Watch video)




Reportage or TV production

- The Battle Between Enviroment and Progress. Argentina, 16 min, 2018. Televisión Pública Argentina. (Watch video)

- The Chimps that Play with Dolls. United Kingdom, 4 min, 2016. Pomona Pictures. (Watch video)

- The Python Code. Germany, 29 min, 2017. ZDF. (Watch video)

- The Last Neanderthal. United Kingdom, 16 min, 2017. Pomona Pictures.

- Arsenic – The Creeping Killer. Germany, 29 min, 2016. ZDF. (Watch video)

- Talking About Maths. Spain, 28 min, 2018. Sintregua Comunicación. (Watch video)




Finalistas Reportaje o programa de televisión
 Finalistas Producción de Estudiantes

Student production

Saturn in Leo. Croacia, 5 min, 2018. Anna Šagadin. (Watch video)

- Primitive. China, 4 min, 2018. Zeyi Zhang. (Watch video)

- "Hatikva" Hospital. Israel, 9 min, 2018. Roi Minster. (Watch video)

- Mosquito Metamorphosis. United States, 6 min, 2018. Celestina Wright. (Watch video)

- Now or Never. United Kingdom, 25 min, 2018. Matt Senior. (Watch video)

- Owsia (Darkened Water) Islamic Republic of Iran, 30 min, 2017. Alireza Dehghan. (Watch video)





University production

- Jeremy the Lefty Snail and Other Asymmetrical Animals. United Kingdom, 15 min, University of Strathclyde. (Watch video)

- On being a Scientist. The Netherlands, 56 min, 2016. Leiden University. (Watch video)

- Smart Slime?. United Kingdom, 10 min, 2019. National Film and Television School. (Watch video)

- A E O N. United Kingdom, 24 min, 2019. National Film and Television School. (Watch video)

- Artificial Creativity. Spain, 12 min, 2016. Universidad de Zaragoza. (Watch video)





Finalistas Vídeo producido por Universidades
Finalistas Vídeo para Internet y redes sociales

Internet or Social Media video

- Why Conserve Biodiversity? Spain, 5 min, 2018. Universidad de Vigo. (Watch video)

- Cowboy Astrophysicist. United States, 3 min, 2019. Mark Kiefer. (Watch video)

- Under the Shell. Spain, 5 min, 2018. Daniel Morcillo. (Watch video)

- To Bee, or Not to Be. United States, 1 min, 2018. B. R. Tatalovic.

- CNIO – Women in Science. Spain, 2 min, 2019. CNIO. (Watch video)

- Twins Undivided – The Two-Headed Calf. Italy, 2 min, 2018. Gabriele Clementi. (Watch video)

- Red Glory. United States, 5 min, 2018. Avinu Films. (Watch video)

- Ebro Resilience. Spain, 6 min, 2019. Eduardo Berián. (Watch video)



Short Documentary

- A New View of the Moon. United States, 3 min, 2018. Alex Gorosh. (Watch video)

- Think Like a Scientist: Natural Selection in an Outbreak. United States, 8 min, 2016. Day's Edge Productions. (Watch video)

- The Anomalies: Venom Race. United States, 8 min, 2018. Day's Edge Productions. (Watch video)

- The Snow Guardian. United States, 5 min, 2016. Day's Edge Productions. (Watch video)

- Genes As Medicine. United States, 17 min, 2017. Howard Hughes Medical Institute. (Watch video)

- A Gem of Bacterium. Spain, 5 min, 2019. Alberto José Redondo Villa.

- Weather and Chaos: The Work of Edward N. Lorenz. United States, 12 min, 2018. Josh Kastorf. (Watch video)


 Finalistas Cortometraje documental


Best Documentary or Reportage
Trophy and diploma 

Best TV Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best Internet or Social Media Video
Trophy and diploma 

Best Student Production
Trophy and diploma 

Best University Production
Trophy and diploma 

Audience Award
Trophy and diploma 

Passion for Science Award
Trophy and diploma 





Ivan Bouso



Iván Bouso

Executive Producer, National Geographic Partners, Europe & Africa



Tommaso Cancellario



Tommaso Cancellario

PhD Student. Faculty of Science, University of Navarra



María del Carmen Erviti



María del Carmen Erviti

Professor and researcher in science communication, University of Navarra



Bibiana González



Bibiana González

Discovery Networks, Programming Director Spain & Portugal



Alessandro Griffini



Alessandro Griffini

President of IAMS - International Association for Media in Science



Vladimir de Semir



Vladimir de Semir

Scientific journalist. Director of Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication. UPF-IDEC



Tuesday, September 17

11.OO - "Pamplona Safari: discovering urban fauna”, with Enrique Baquero, zoologist, University of Navarra.

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: 700 Sharks. 

France, 92 min, 2018. Le Cinquième Rêve.

Legend has it that the shark is a lone wolf. He hunts alone. The latest science shows that the shark actually hunts in packs. In a groundbreaking experiment, five of the most experienced underwater scientists in the world will dive at night among 700 starving sharks, the largest school ever recorded.

Wednesday, September 18 

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: The Sun – Inferno in the Sky.

Austria, 50 min, 2018. Terra Mater Factual Studios. 

23 July 2012: The sun is burning bright, sending light and warmth to Earth. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, suddenly, all hell breaks loose… A massive eruption on our home star hurls a colossal cloud of matter into space. This is the most severe solar storm in 150 years. Fortunately, the Earth is not in the path of the sun’s awesome projectile, thus escaping a fate with unpredictable consequences. But it’s a close call. ‘The Sun – Inferno in the Sky’, presents the latest developments in solar research and offers fresh, unexpected and even controversial insights into the work of international scientists as they delve into the mysteries of our life-giving star.

21.30 - “The Sky at Night, tailor-made for you”, with Javier Armentia, astrophysicist, Planetario de Pamplona.

Thursday, September 19

17.30 - Fossils in your neighbourghood”, with Rubén Alonso, fossils expert.

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Documentary Screening: One Day in the Life of Earth.

United Kingdom, 44 min x 2 chapters, 2018. YAP Films y Glue Screen.

From volcanoes to earthquakes and dust migration to meteorites – scientists reveal how much the Earth changes in 24 hours.

Friday, September 20

19.30 -  Museo Universidad de Navarra. Award Ceremony and screening of the Best Documentary film.