Religion and Civil Society

Woman and Social Change

Both the official culture and the public life of the modernity have been built and developed in the majority of the cases) without the contributions of women, leaving out half of humanity in the configuration of civil society. It is probable that the faults of the European and erudite society, evident today, have something to do with this feminine absence. 

The contemporary secular mentality tends to blame religion, at least partially, of this absence. On the contrary, our project attempts to show the contributions made by the institutions and religious belief to the social promotion of women in the 20th century and today.

Up until now, our investigations have focused on the higher education of women in Spain during the 20th century and on the professional careers that this access to higher education provided. We are especially analyzing the important role of different catholic institutions (such as the Women of Catholic Action, the Feminine youth of Catholic Action, the Theresian Institution and the Opus Dei) that supported the feminine efforts for obtaining superior levels of education. Lately we have opened a new line of work regarding the image of the Muslim woman in the western media.

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