Religion and Civil Society

Equipo investigador

Montserrat Herrero López
Principal Investigator
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Offices: 2100 (2nd floor, ICS), 2370 (2nd floor, Main Library)


PhD from the University of Navarra, where she is Associate Professor in Moral and Politic Philosophy and where she has been Vice-Dean of the School of Philosophy. Her research focuses on the modern condition of the political, particularly Hobbes, Hegel and Schmitt. Nowadays, she works on political-theological topics.

Jaume Aurell Jaume Aurell

Professor of Medieval History of the University of Navarra. Trained at the University of Barcelona, ​​he specialized in Medieval Mediterranean Culture. He later specialized in Medieval Historiography.

Juan Pablo Domínguez
Office: 2090 (2nd floor, ICS)

  PhD and Degree in History from the University of Navarra. His research focuses on the modern idea of religious tolerance and the role of historical narratives in the construction of national identities.
David Thunder David Thunder
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Office: 2110 (2nd floor, ICS)

  Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow (Ref. RYC-2015-18808) and PhD in Political Science (University of Notre Dame). His research focuses on Political Philosophy, particularly he wants to reach a deeper understanding of the lived experience of persons who seek to live meaningful and worthy lives in community with others. Nowadays he works on the post-state condition of politics in a globalized world.


Marco Demichelis

Marco Demichelis
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Office: 2280 (2nd floor, ICS)


Marie Curie Fellow in Islamic Studies and History of Middle East. He previously worked as Research Fellow within the Department of Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan and as adjunct professor in History of the Islamic World at the University of Turin.



Carl Antonius Lemke Duque
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Table 35, 3rd floor, Main Library


PhD in Contemporary History and Political Science from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Magister Artium at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His research attend to the critical foundation of the western-christian identity of the university, focusing on the relationship between university, public sphere and post-secular society.




Lilian Maria Pinto Sales
Visitng fellow
Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brasil.