ATLANTES: Human Dignity, Advanced Illness and Palliative Care

Global Development

Desarrollo de cuidados paliativos


The Palliative Care (PC) message must be based on equity, quality and integration principles. This research aims to show the current national development of the diverse countries across the world, how is it integrated and organized within national health plans. All of it from a public health perspective, studying PC services, policies, education and the availability of pain medicines.

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Main Researcher

Carlos CentenoCarlos Centeno Cortés
Extension ICS: 803431
Office 1030 (1st floor, ICS)


Research Team

· Carlos Centeno (ICS)
· Natalia Arias (ICS)

· John Rhee (Ican School of Medicine of Mount Sinai)
· David Clark (University of Glasgow)
· Eduardo Garralda (ICS)