ATLANTES: Human Dignity, Advanced Illness and Palliative Care

About us

The ATLANTES Research Program is being developed under the assumption that it is possible to promote a positive attitude in the society and in medicine regarding the attention and care of patients with advanced and terminal illness, from a perspective based on human dignity and professional care, including support and respect for the natural course of the illness and the attention to the spiritual and emotional aspects of patient care.

The term ATLANTES concerns the search for an effective integration of Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, just like the Atlas, also known as first cervical vertebra, which supports the head with the trunk of the body. Atlantis was also a mythology titan taking the skies onto his shoulders, thus signifying a big task undertaken. This term has been chosen in recognition of the Atlas of Palliative Care in Europe, the fundamental investigation of our group.

• Promote in society and medicine, a positive mentality in taking care of patients with the advanced and irreversible disease.

• Transfer a vision based on the dignity of the person and on professional care, which includes support and respect for the natural course of the disease and attention to the emotional and spiritual dimension of the person.

• Promote scientific research, the training of professionals, and the dissemination of acquired knowledge.

The social impact of this project is directly related to the confirmation of the fundamental hypothesis: a change in the mindset of civil society upon terminal illness and professional end-of-life care is possible.

  • The study and diffusion of the development of Palliative Care is a powerful behind this same development.

  • To promote dignified treatment to the terminal patient provides society with an ethical and advanced response to dilemmas of the end -of-life.

  • Seeking new ways to communicate, to present Palliative Care to the society can resolve the confusion between palliative medicine, terminal sedation and euthanasia.

Principal investigator

Carlos Centeno Cortés
Institute for Culture and Society

General contact:
Main Library, University Campus
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 25 54 00 Ext: 803431 / 805816

This project is part of Idisna