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Addiction and frustration

Adicción y frustración

The general objective of this project is to determine if frustration acts as a mediational variable between personality traits and dropout and relapse rates found in Project Man’s educational-therapeutic program. The correlation that may exist between previously-studied personality traits, current dropout and relapse rates and tolerance of frustration is intended to be the basis for new personalized therapeutic strategies that result in higher success rates and lower relapse and dropout rates.

This research, entitled, “Addiction, personality and tolerance to frustration: A neuropsychological study of Project Man participants” is funded by Spanish Government’s National Plan on Drugs within the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Ref 2016/057).

Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad

Main Researcher

Francisco GüellFrancisco Güell Pelayo
Email: fguell@unav.es
Extension: 803217
Office: 2160 (2nd floor, ICS)


Gonzalo ArrondoGonzalo Arrondo
Email: garrondo@unav.es
No extension
Table (2nd floor, ICS)

Research team

Ignacio Morón (Universidad de Granada / Universidad de Navarra)

Félix Inchausti (Servicio Navarro de Salud – Osasunbidea)

Virginia Padilla (Proyecto Hombre Granada)

Mª Asunción Pastor (Universidad de Navarra)

Maite Aznárez (Universidad de Navarra)

Javier Bernácer (Universidad de Navarra)

David Ramírez (Universidad de Navarra)

Gonzalo Arrondo (Universidad de Navarra)

Fernando González (Proyecto Hombre Navarra)

Carlos García Roda (Universidad de Navarra)