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Emotional Education

Educación emocional

UpToYou is a Mind-Brain Group research line and focuses on emotional education. It begins with an interdisciplinary dialogue among philosophy, neuroscience and psychology. Collaborators include scholars from the University of Reading (United Kingdom) and the UPAEP (Mexico). The project first aims to fully understand human emotional reality, as well as to formulate research-based educational interventions. Indeed, the UpToYou educational intervention has been implemented in a variety of places, like Spain, Cameroon, Brazil and Mexico. In this way, research and educational intervention create a natural feedback loop.

This research line is inserted into the Group's study of habit. The singular way of understanding habit as an act that initiates growth allows us to understand emotion in a very open way. Backed by proposals from scholars such as Leonardo Polo, Aristotle, Whitehead, Wang Yangming, Erikson, Rogers, Frankl, and in dialogue with studies of the brain from the perspective of dynamic systems, we think that it is impossible to understand any emotion, even the most basic ones, without considering the complexity of the person and her relationships.

Thus, we start from emotional reality to approach human complexity and, guided by emotional perception, take a step forward, intensifying how participants experience life and personal relationships, all of which directly affects the processes of personal identity.

Our research and educational intervention help families, schools and companies in processes that favor interpersonal understanding and coexistence.


Main Researcher

José Víctor OrónJosé Víctor Orón

Email: joron@unav.es
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Research Team

· José Ignacio Murillo (ICS)
· Gonzalo Arrondo (ICS)
· Nathaniel Barrett (ICS)
· Javier Bernácer (ICS)