Mind-Brain Group:

Biology and Subjectivity in Contemporary Philosophy and Neuroscience 

Biology and subjectivity

Biología y subjetividad

Our group investigates subjectivity by establishing a dialogue between biology, physics and contemporary philosophy. For the experimental sciences, this collaboration is an occasion for the enrichment of scientific hypotheses and discourse through engagement with philosophical perspectives. For philosophy, it constitutes a unique opportunity to integrate the advances of biology into a comprehensive view of the human person. It also allows for philosophy to be stimulated by the realism of science and thereby to overcome the relativistic and skeptical temptations to which it has often succumbed.

Main Researcher

José Ignacio MurilloJosé Ignacio Murillo

Email: jimurillo@unav.es
Extension ICS: 803231
Office 2150 (2nd floor, ICS)


Nathaniel BarrettNathaniel Barrett
Email: nbarrett@unav.es
No extension at the ICS
Office  (2nd floor, ICS)

Research Team

· Fran Güell (ICS)
· Miguel García-Valdecasas (ICS)
· Javier Sánchez Cañizares (ICS)
· Gloria Balderas (University of Navarra)
· Eduardo Camina (University of Navarra)
· Beatriz Byrne (University of Navarra)