Mind-Brain Group:

Biology and Subjectivity in Contemporary Philosophy and Neuroscience 

About us

Neuroscience is increasingly influential in shaping the contemporary understanding of the human being. Its great merit is to integrate various scientific disciplines through a study on the Central Nervous System. Owing to this process of integration, several important aspects of the human condition – consciousness, subjectivity, freedom etc. – have increasingly moved the center of critical attention, where previously they had been dismissed as being inaccessible to scientific investigation.

Occasionally, the questions posed by neuroscience are seeking a dialogue between the various contemporary philosophical traditions (phenomenology, analytic philosophy, Aristotelian, philosophical anthropology, etc.) which, stimulated by the realism of science, overcomes relativist or skeptical temptations and seeks to integrate advances in biology into a vision of wisdom. 

This project studies human subjectivity from an interdisciplinary and coherent perspective, drawing simultaneously upon the insights of biology, neuroscience and traditional and contemporary philosophy. In so doing, it takes as its central theme the study of human action and the relationship of said action with cognition and agent identity.

Principal investigator

José Ignacio Murillo Gómez
Institute for Culture and Society

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Main Library, University Campus
31009 Pamplona

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