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Emotional culture and identity Workshop

It's organized by the research project 'Bonds, emotion and identity. The moral dimension of social bonds', within the 'Emotional culture and identity' project. October 25-26, 2018.

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Emotional culture and identity Workshop

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Emotional Culture and Identity
Education of Human Affectivity and Sexuality
Atlantes Research Program
Creativity and Cultural Heritage
Mind-Brain Group
Religion and Civil Society
Public Discourse
Navarra Center for International Development

Recent publications

Obras de maestros italianos en la Catedral de Pamplona. Ed. Aurelio Sagaseta.

EUNSA-Edition Reichenberger, 2018

How do we see each other? Interdisciplinarity and
the potential of interreligious scholarship.
Daniel Moulin-Stożek

Journal of Beliefs & Values, 38:3, 235-237

Filosofía trascendental, Fenomenología y Derecho natural. Series: Razón y Normatividad, 14. Mariano Crespo

OLMS, 2018



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