Public discourse. Strategies of persuasion and interpretation



Metaforun is a permanent research forum on metaphor, under the auspices of the Project 'Public Discourse' (GRADUN) within the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad of the University of Navarra.

This forum has been established to bring together researchers in different areas, among others: linguistics, literary studies, artistic studies and human creativity (Spanish language and literature, Museo Universidad de Navarra); journalism and communication studies; philosophy of language; sociology; economics (in view of the prevalence of metaphor in this area); neuroscience (production and comprehension of figurative language); interdisciplinary studies on religion (since religious experience is often conveyed in metaphorical terms); or psychology and language acquisition. If, as Borges said, “the history of the world might well be the history of a certain number of metaphors”, it is essential to have a forum in which we can explore this stimulating area, benefiting from the interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences in the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad.

MetaforUN Seminars

Main Researcher

Ruth BreezeRuth Breeze
Extension: 805631
Office 1110 (1st floor, ICS)



Inés OlzaInés Olza
Extension: 802226
Office: 1100 (1st floor, ICS)