International Workshop ‘News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere'


This workshop brings together international psychologists, sociologists, and communication and media scholars to reflect upon and gain insight into the role of emotions in the production and reception of news, as well as to assess the implications of emotion-related journalistic practices and narratives for the Public Sphere.

The workshop is divided into three sessions. First, the News Media, Emotions, and the Public Sphere session will be concerned with theoretical and empirical perspectives aimed at elucidating the ways in which emotions and the affective framing of the news impinge upon the constitution of the public sphere. Relevant issues in this session include: the social and epistemological role of emotions in the public sphere; the political significance of emotional regimes; descriptive and normative approaches to the structure and function of emotions in journalism.

Second, the Public Sphere, Public Screen: Emotions, Online News, and Social Networks session will examine (re)configurations of the Public Sphere in the age of Internet communication. Since a great deal of the social and political dynamics of public life takes now place in cyberspace, this section will pay attention to issues related to the use of communication technologies to raise and convey feelings of civic engagement; the impact of the multimodal (image, sound, video) construction of emotions in online news platforms; affect infusion in social networks and the implementation of collective action; the political significance of social sharing of news in online platforms.

Finally, the Emotions, Journalistic Practices, and Storytelling session will deal with issues related to the role played by emotions in the production and reception of news. Relevant issues in this session include: journalists' perceptions of the place and role of emotions in their professional practices; institutional and personal conventions implemented by journalists to report on emotional events; journalists' narrative styles when reporting on affective topics; the emotional impact of journalists' work upon audiences; the relationship between journalism training and emotional literacy.

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