Emotional culture and identity

Communication and emotions in popular culture

Popular Culture

Based on the term "popular culture", the cultural manifestations which are directed to a large public mainly through the media are grouped together. The entertainment programs, and to a large extent music, publicity, and fashion can be considered, in some of their facets, products of popular culture.

The growing use of social networks is also redefining the definition for popular culture in a context in which the users themselves are the ones who generate content and attain notoriety.

This project attempts to understand the communicative processes that underlie this phenomenon and in particular, the role emotions play in the discourses and the positions of those who participate, such as consumers or creators, in this reality. It has continuity with activities already initiated in CEMID, such as the seminar "Fashion and emotions", "Fashion and identity in a cultural key", "Identity and Emotion in Contemporary TV series" and "emotional culture and popular culture through movies and literature.


Main Researcher

Charo SádabaCharo Sádaba
Extension 802292
Office 0710 (Ground floor, Main Library)

Research Team

Alberto N. Garcia (School of Communication)
Jorge del Río (School of Communication)
Javier Serrano Puche (School of Communication)