Creativity and Cultural Heritage

History and cultural heritage subproject

The 'History and cultural heritage subproject' addresses, in the field of research and academic debate, society’s concerns in relation to both material and immaterial cultural heritage. By approaching some of the most important European cultural phenomena, this project intends to better understand the historical origin and development of its heritage as a nucleus and manifestation of currents of thought, artistic styles, social, institutional and religious activity, and other traditions in Western Europe. In the same way, this project aims to appreciate this cultural legacy as an asset in creating original intervention projects that respond to society’s interests, with the aim of preserving and disseminating it.

Main Researcher:

Julia Pavón obtained her PhD in history from the University of Navarra, where she works as a professor of medieval history. She is also director of the Department of History, History of Art and Geography at the University of Navarra. Her research focuses on the early medieval history of the Kingdom of Navarra.

Phone: +34 948 42 56 00 · Extension: 802615

Links of interest:

  • Claustra

    Claustra is an active platform aimed at the academic community and accessible online that catalogs and maps out spaces of medieval female spirituality. Julia Pavón Benito directs the subgroup that studies this topic within the Kingdom of Navarra.