Creativity and Cultural Heritage

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The Creativity and Cultural Heritage project promotes research aimed at investigating and disseminating information ona variety of aspects that pertain toour historical and cultural legacy, with a special focus on Navarra and its influence on otherregions. The position of Navarra— at the crossroads between the Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe, and within the greater networks of Mediterranean and Atlantic routes— has given rise to the reception and generation of singularly molded institutional, social and cultural phenomena.

Creativity and Cultural Heritage’s four subprojects include DeMúsica, Locus, Networks and Itineraries, and Sefarad. They explore cultural heritage through the use of methodologies from the disciplines to which they belong, including musicology, literature and history, and they seek creative ways, both traditional and innovative, to bring this legacy to society. In this sense, the digital humanities represent a meeting point for achieving this goal.