Our research methods

Our work revolves around academic research and is primarily materialized through publications in prestigious academic journals. And what is ICS’s contribution? It aims at topics especially relevant to people in order to provide a solid foundation– backed by academic rigor- for their advancement. Quality academic production is our priority and is guaranteed through systematic and continuous evaluation, both quantitatively and qualitatively. At ICS, each project gives an annual report on its production and, every three years, each project is evaluated as a whole and in comparison with its planned and achieved goals.

The contributions of each researcher are, in general, relatively small, but they constitute the threads without which it would be impossible to weave the global knowledge that allows for humanity to progress.

Publications and ongoing research are presented in specialized seminars, conferences, and academic meetings, which is how the conclusions obtained in research are communicated to researchers around the world. In addition to having a presence at activities organized by other centers around the world, ICS organizes international conferences, seminars and workshops, and fosters interdisciplinary initiatives open to people throughout the university community. Some of the researchers who have crossed ICS’s path come from renowned centers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, University College London, New York University and the University of Warwick, among others.


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