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In an increasingly global, complex and interconnected society, professionals who can understand and guide the policies of the different international players are crucial.

The Degree in International Relations at the University of Navarra provides students with the conceptual building blocks and practical skills of this academic discipline and supplements them with basic knowledge of other disciplines such as history, political science, communication and economics.

Why should you study International Relations Degree at University of Navarra?


FOUR YEARS. The Degree in International Relations has a duration of four years. It has 240 ECTS credits, 60 per year.


BILINGUAL PROGRAM. Along with Spanish, English is one of the official languages of the degree program. Fifty percent of the credits in the degree must be taken in English, although students wishing to do so may take up to 62.5% of the credits in English.


GLOBAL CAMPUS. The Degree in International Relations is based at the University of Navarra's Pamplona campus, but includes study periods in the United States, China and the Middle East, and an academic exchange program in the final year.


PROFESSIONAL CAREER. The mission of the Careers Office is to create opportunities to enable students to achieve their professional goals. They have the option of doing internships in public administrations and private companies along the degree.


THIRD LANGUAGE. In addition to English and Spanish, students in the Degree in International Relations will become familiar with and even master a third language, which should be chosen from one of the world's most relevant languages from a social, economic or cultural point of view. The choice of a third language depends on the student's personal, academic and professional interests.