International dimension

The University of Navarra's educational model promotes interaction with other cultures and helps enrich the international experience of students, professors and researchers.

In order to ensure that students become familiar with the different regions under analysis during the degree program, the curriculum of the Degree in International Relations includes three on-site study periods distributed throughout the first three academic years.

International study periods focus on the political, economic and social reality of countries that are strategic in terms of defining international relations.

For two weeks, classes are relocated from the University of Navarra's Pamplona campus to key cities in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and the Americas, regions that are crucial to understanding the current dynamics of international relations.

The Degree in International Relations also includes the possibility of spending a semester on an exchange program. The curriculum allows students to design pathways that are customized to their interests.

Thus, students can specialize in different disciplines such as human rights, communication, political science and the environment, or gain more in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges of a particular region. 

La Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Navarra actualmente mantiene programas de intercambio con 70 universidades en 30 países diferentes de todo el mundo.

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