Applicant profile

In general

Spanish or international students, preferably with education in the sciences or health sciences, with basic knowledge in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Students who have taken the entrance examination offered by the University of Navarra and organized by the School of Sciences for the Degree in Chemistry.

When enrolling, the applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent and have passed the official university entrance exam (Spain), notwithstanding the other mechanisms for access stipulated in current regulations.

International students are assessed remotely using a series of aptitude tests offered online. 

Specific qualities

Applicants interested in this undergraduate degree program in general should possess:

- The ability to work hard.
- A marked interested in the subjects related to chemistry.
- A passion for research and laboratory work.
- Observational skills.
- Skills in analysis and synthesis.
- The ability to apply creativity to science.
- An entrepreneurial spirit.
- A certain level of fluency in English.

It is also recommended that students possess intellectual curiosity that pushes them to develop the tools needed to extend scientific knowledge; this requires a certain level of fluency in English.