The curriculum indicates the subjects for the degree and their nature (basic, required, electives, etc.), the number of credits for each subject, etc. Topics are divided into subjects, which in turn are organized into modules. In addition, it includes practical information for the student's academic life.


  • Antropología

  • Ethics

  • Marketing (historical & cultural perspectives)

  • Introduction to Law

  • Deontología

  • Claves culturales I y II

Materia 2. Core Curriculum: The Core Curriculum is composed of several courses included in all degrees at the University of Navarra. Through these courses, the University offers its students a humanistic education, encourages a spirit of solidarity, and gives them the opportunity to freely form personal convictions. (More information) Son 18 créditos de las siguientes materias:

  • 1º curso: Antropología (asignatura anual de 6 créditos)

  • 2º curso: Ética (asignatura anual de 6 créditos)

  • 3º y 4º curso: Claves Culturales (6 créditos) 2 asignaturas de 3 créditos a elegir entre las ofertadas por cada centro para sus alumnos.