El plan de estudios del Grado en Marketing contempla la posibilidad de que el alumno realice dos menciones oficiales: la Mención en Comunicación Corporativa o la Mención en Comunicación y Creatividad.

There can be no doubt about the value of communication in any marketing strategy, or about the professional synergies between the fields of communication and marketing. Students will learn to use communication to establish, maintain and consolidate mutually beneficial relationships and to get audiences and stakeholders to participate actively in institutional communication policies. Students who choose this specialization will learn about the economic and social impact of communication as a factor that transforms society and organizations.

The specialization provides students with strategic instruction in the communicative functions of communication managers, heads of corporate social responsibility, lobbyists, managers of public affairs, and those responsible for crisis communication, relations with investors and relations with the media, as well as managers of press offices.



Technology, interactivity and many different new communication platforms have enriched the conversation between brands and consumers and made it enormously complex. Organizations with future vision have to transmit messages that are different and make them stand out. The industry needs marketing professionals who can provide creative, innovative answers, whose ideas spark excitement in their organizations and who use effective, two-directional communication concepts that build consistent brand experiences for their consumers.

The Specialization in Communication and Creativity will enable future marketing professionals – marketing directors, brand managers, advertising directors, digital managers, communication managers, innovation managers, account managers – to reinforce their knowledge and skills in the areas of creativity, communication and motivation, and design strategies that create real, lasting bonds between consumers and brands.