Professional prospects

One of the strengths of the School's various departments is the number and quality of national and international internships available for its students. These frequently lead to employment contracts.

The professional prospects open to our graduates are as follows:

  • Specific work directly linked to the different genres of creative writing: the novel, poetry, drama. This area also includes the world of publishing: assessment of original documents, specialized consulting, literary translation, and document editing and proofreading.

  • This education and training also provide access to jobs at the intersection between literature and the media: criticism, cultural and literary assessment, and writing articles for publication.

  • The open nature of the degree program also ensures graduates are candidates for jobs requiring professionals with good language training (and creative skills in some cases): in press offices and advertising agencies and as artistic management assistants and story writers.

  • Research in universal literature, comparative literature, literary theory and new narratives, among other fields.

  • Holders of this degree are eligible to enroll in a master’s degree program to become Language and Literature teachers in secondary school and vocational training schools in the public sector (access through civil service examinations) and at private educational centers. Moreover, because graduates finish the program with an English/Spanish level of C1 or C2, they can also be foreign language instructors and teach at bilingual centers.

  • Students can continue their development by specializing in a master’s degree program. Some examples include: Translation, Cultural Management and Screenplays.