Humanidades (bilingüe) + Diploma in Curatorial Studies

The past academic year (2014- 2015), the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Museum University of Navarra have launched the Diploma in Curatorial Studies (60 ECTS credits) with the aim of training students to become professionals with the humanistic, technical and interdisciplinary skills that will enable them to generate ideas and projects resulting in exhibitions.

Curators are professionals capable of creating artistic projects with a view to communicating and disseminating them to the public. Their fundamental task is to design the project narrative, research its content, suggest new approaches and interpretations, coordinate its implementation and execution, plan educational programs and improve its visibility. When the project is exhibited, curators are also responsible for ensuring that the discourse is visually effective and integrates seamlessly with the space in which it is presented.

The Diploma in Curatorial Studies is linked to the teaching projects undertaken by the Museum University of Navarra. Those studying the diploma program will have the opportunity to hold meetings with the art curators of temporary exhibitions, assist with creative projects undertaken by guest artists and converse with these artists. They will have the opportunity to participate in public programming and performing arts activities and attend sessions held by professionals from the areas of conservation, art criticism and the media.

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Ver plan de Estudios de Humanidades+Diploma en Estudios Curatoriales