The aim of this degree program is to provide future graduates with a well-rounded, interdisciplinary grounding in the humanities to meet current cultural and social challenges from an international perspective.

Knowledge of Western history, the intellectual traditions that have driven and shaped it to the present day, its artistic and cultural modes of expression, as well as knowledge of other cultures, enable a more in-depth understanding of the realities around us through an open-minded, critical approach, and disclose new opportunities for personal and social development.

The Degree in Humanities has been designed to ensure that a well-motivated and interested student with a good level of English and/or Spanish may benefit from an innovative study program.

What makes us unique?

Bilingual Degree: 65% of the 240 ECTS credits that make up the study program can be taken in English, through subjects, seminars and study periods abroad. Spanish is included in the curriculum for foreign students. You may take the Humanities Degree with no previous knowledge of Spanish. Students who so wish may also learn a third language.
Seminars with visiting professors, exchanges and placements form part of the program to enable students to develop a truly international profile.

25% of the curriculum is selected by the student. Students can choose 3 different programs that provide them with an initial specialization in: