Jaume Aurell

Prof. Jaume Aurell

The Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) covers three disciplines that play an extremely important role in helping us understand the world we live in. The first PPE degree was offered at the University of Oxford in 1920 and the degree can now be studied at more than 50 prestigious educational institutions around the world.

Holders of the Degree in PPE are equipped to respond to the political, economic and social challenges of today’s world.

The Philosophy component helps students develop critical reasoning skills, synthesize logical arguments and apply rigorous judgment. The Politics component analyzes the importance and scope of public policy, which helps students understand the underpinnings of society, the impact of institutions, and more specific matters such as why some countries go to war while others do not. The Economics component explores the underlying structure of today’s society and how a country’s resources are distributed.

By studying all three areas at the same time, students gain a greater understanding of each one and the ability to perform a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the modern world.

The Degree in PPE is a bilingual program (English and Spanish) and consists of 240 ECTS credits, divided into four academic years. The academic load for each year is 60 ECTS credits, divided among core subjects (CS: 60 ECTS credits), compulsory subjects (CO: 108 ECTS credits), electives (EL: 60 ECTS credits) and the Final Dissertation: 12 ECTS credits.

Upon completion of their Degree, these future professionals may seek to develop their careers in politics, strategic corporate consulting, the diplomatic services, public affairs in Spain and Europe, senior management, the think-tank sector or big data, or perhaps move towards doctoral research or teaching, through specific postgraduate programs.

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