Applicant profile

  • For the Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

  • An interest in the world of politics, economics and/or sociology, complemented by intellectual curiosity and the inclination to cast a critical eye over the problems facing our society.

  • An interest in the analysis and revision of political theories and socioeconomic data from the applied perspective of philosophy and the humanities.

  • An interdisciplinary vocation for understanding modern society and socioeconomic dynamics.

  • The desire to improve public policy by developing innovative yet well-grounded solutions.

  • An aptitude for communication, debate, dialogue and initiative, and the ability to work as part of a team to develop innovative solutions.

  • In general

  • Applicants who have passed the university entrance exam, regardless of the high school pathway completed.

  • Those who have passed the exam for applicants over 25 years old and, in general, those who meet the established legal requirements.

  • Those who have taken the entrance examination offered by the University of Navarra and organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for its different degree programs.

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