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The profession of nursing is regulated and recognized at the European level. In Spain, nursing is a profession regulated by Directive 2205/36/CE relating to recognition of different professional qualifications and by Law 44 of November 21, 2003 on Organization of Health Professions. The Degree in Nursing therefore provides officially recognized professional competences.

Traditionally, nurses have dedicated themselves to providing clinical care, with this being one of the employment opportunities most in demand in society: (primary care, geriatrics, residences, hospitals, specialized care centers).

Currently, the field of action of nurses has been broadened and, in addition to care, opportunities are opening up in the areas of teaching, research and management.

Master's Program
The University of Navarra School of Nursing offers the Master's Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice and Management for graduates wishing to extend their education and become experts in advanced nursing roles and management. Furthermore, the two programs seek to train students as researchers with the capacity to lead and join competitive research teams.

Doctoral Program
The School has a Doctoral Program in Nursing Science, which seeks to train researchers and prepare research teams able to meet the challenges in Nursing Science.

Specialization Programs
Specialization Programs are aimed at Nursing graduates who seek specialized training in different areas of Clinical Nursing, and are taught at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

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Paid activities
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