Leadership and Governance Program

Would you like to pursue a career with a high social impact? Are you interested in economics, but also politics, geostrategy and innovation? The reality is that everything is interconnected, and this diploma reflects that fact. The Leadership and Governance Program will enable you to analyze complex economic and social problems and provide you with the governance and leadership tools you’ll need to make decisions and carry out your own projects. If you’re looking to create an impact here and now, then this is the program for you.

Download the program overview here

Download the program overview here.

  • Applicant Profile:

  •  Curious, talented students with a passion for helping others. Students who speak foreign languages and are eager to travel and discover new cultures. Young people with an international outlook who are interested in social, economic and political problems, and have the skills to fill leadership..

  • Skills Acquired:

  •  Interdisciplinary knowledge in subjects such as economics, philosophy, politics, international relations, sociology and creativity.

     Decision-making in complex settings based on the goals of serving and improving society.

     Tools for debate, rhetoric, communication and public discourse.

     Leadership, team management and emotional intelligence.

     International experience and intercultural skills.

     Capacity for self-awareness and development of skills and competences.

  • Profile of Graduates: 

  •  Graduates of this program are versatile professionals who are highly capable at performing in organizations and on innovative projects and have the skills required to assume positions of responsibility and leadership..

  • Professional Prospects:

  •  Graduates will be suitable candidates for international public and private organizations, innovation-oriented companies and projects, and more traditional career opportunities for economics graduates..

  • Language:

  •  Bilingual

  • Mobility:

  •   2 exchanges /2 international seminars.

  • Length:

  •  5 years

    Undergrate Degree:

  •   Economics (bilingual)


  •  Explore the program subjects here