The permeable nature of design means that it is present in all disciplines and this allows graduates to work in companies of all kinds, designing products, fashion and services. Thanks to the complete education, which covers everything from art to creative industry, graduates are not only able to design products but can also foresee the needs of society.

The degree's teaching method, based on creativity by processes and teaching by projects forms professionals with the ability to lead, to work in a team and to manage risk. The teaching is comprehensively linked to the business world, as students carry out their Final Year Project in companies.

To help students enter the job market, the school includes the option to carry out professional internships in national and international companies during their studies. Students also have access to employability workshops, in which they develop their professional skills (teamwork, leadership, communication) and learn interview techniques, how to create a  résumé/portfolio, and how to get the most out of Linkedin.

The university also has a wide range of postgraduate courses, including the Executive MBA in Fashion Business Administration, taught at the Isem Fashion Business School.

The School or Architecture also provides a doctoral degree in Applied Creativity, specially aimed at graduates of the Design degree who want to continue their professional career in research. 


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