What makes us different

The Design degree is a bilingual degree that involves teaching exclusively in English in the first year, in order to facilitate adaptation by international students.

As well as bilingual teaching, the degree includes several periods away in the world's leading design capitals. Students have also the opportunity to go on an exchange for a semester in an international university.

The Design degree has professors from different centers of the University of Navarra, including the School of Communication, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, IESE, and the School of Architecture. This means we can provide students with a multidisciplinary education with a large cultural component, in which the different subjects are linked transversally.

The transversal nature of the degree is also evident in the method of learning by projects, through vertical workshops in which students from different years work as a team, combining leadership and responsibilities.

The connection with the professional world is another characteristic that makes the Design degree different. The degree syllabus includes subjects that aim to train students in managing projects as a team with an entrepreneurial and innovative vision, which is key in today's world of design.

Students will carry out their Final Year Project in national and international companies. All of this gives students broad professional experience

The Design degree provides students with the opportunity to specialize by means of the following three specializations

  • Product Design

  • Fashion Design

  • Services Design

El grado en Diseño ofrece una formación general en diseño con tres menciones que responden a los tres ámbitos principales de la vida humana: el vestido (moda), el entorno (servicios) y el objeto (producto).

Es el primer grado en España que ofrece una mención en Diseño de Servicios, a través de la cual se formará a profesionales del diseño capaces de establecer estrategias para la mejora de los servicios en las empresas. Todo ello con el objetivo de mejorar la experiencia del usuario.  


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