The development of students’ creative capacities is a trademark of the University of Navarra and the basis of the new degree in Design. Supported by the prestige of the Museum and of the School of Architecture, the student is provided, from a high cultural level, with technical skills and a mastery of the creative processes that allow the student to assume leadership of design teams in a post-industrial society. (Miguel A. Alonso del Val, Director of the School of Architecture).

The Degree in Design consists of 240 ECTS distributed over 4 academic terms of 60 ECTS each. The credits are distributed between core, mandatory, and specialization elective subjects, as well as a degree final project in the following manner:

                Core: 60 ECTS
                Mandatory: 126 ECTS

                Specialization Electives: 36 ECTS

                Degree Final Project: 18 ECTS

In order to obtain the degree it is necessary to attain the 240 ECTS of the degree program.

The degree program includes the following fields for specialization: Product Design, Fashion Design, and Service Design. All students are required to complete the program with one of these design electives. Throughout the degree, the student will complete a total of 54 ECTS related to the chosen field:

6 ECTS of design technique. The student is introduced to the knowledge specific to each of the three specialties.

30 ECTS of complementary training. The student chooses 30 elective ECTS directly related to the chosen specialty.

18 ECTS for the degree final project: orientated to the chosen specialty. 

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