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El plan de estudios incluye 18 créditos de las asignaturas de Antropología, Ética y Claves Culturales, que componen el Core Curriculum de la Universidad de Navarra.


Grado en Diseño


Módulos y materias

1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.

Cultural fundamentals of design (18 ECTS), Disciplinary fundamentals of design (18 ECTS), Core Curriculum (18 ECTS).

This module aims to provide students with a cultural and historical foundation. This allows them to understand the connection that exists between creativity and cultural and artistic phenomena, both in matters common to the artistic world, and to those related to disciplinary aspects of design. This ensures a cultural education that can constitute memory and personal repository of inspirations and creative solutions.

1st Subject: Cultural fundamentals of design 


2nd Subject: Disciplinary fundamentals of design 


  • Contemporary creative practices (XXI Century)

  • The legacy of the craftsmanship (Arts & Crafts heritage)

  • Design trends in Contemporary world

3rd Subject: Core Curriculum 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.

Physical fundamentals of design (12 ECTS), Production fundamentals of design (19 ECTS)

This module provides knowledge related to the fundamental techniques that affect design processes, from basic knowledge of forms and materials (geometric and physical) to the operational development of industrial processes. In this way, one can begin to understand the connection with creativity, both in artistic trades and in creative industries. This specificity is orientated in the second half of the degree toward the electives offered.

1st Subject: Physical fundamentals of design 


2nd Subject: Production fundamentals of design 


  • Form and Construction ( Techniques)

  • Form and Industry (Objects)

  • Applied technologies I

  • Applied technologies II

Project management, entrepreneurship and innovation (12 ECTS), Communication and Market (6 ECTS)

This module aims to provide the necessary training for the management of team projects with a business and innovative vision, which is key in the current world of design. Additionally, techniques related to concept communication and design solutions are taught, along with basic knowledge related to sale and market procedures.

1st Subject: Project management, entrepreneurship and innovation 


  • Project Management

  • Innovation Management

  • Entrepreneurial Management

  • Leadership Lab

2nd Subject: Communication and Market (6 ECTS)


  • Web & Communication strategies

  • Market strategies

1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.

Material and form laboratory (12 ECTS), Technology and System Production Laboratory (12 ECTS), Creative Multidisciplinary Techniques Laboratory (12 ECTS)

The laboratories are the basis of learning design. This is achieved through experimentation with materials, techniques, and systems of representation, such that in a specific or interdisciplinary manner, students learn to design from the very beginning with creation and manipulation. This allows for the development of creative skills that can only be acquired through practice.

1st Subject: Material and Form Lab


2nd Subject: Technology and System Production Lab


  • Comprehensive Lab III ( Fabrics 4D)

  • Comprehensive Lab IV (Objects 5D)

3rd Subject: Creative Multidisciplinary Techniques Lab


  • Creative Lab I

  • Creative lab II

1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.

Strategy and Creative Process Workshop (54 ECTS).

The verticality introduces the possibility to work on projects with students from different courses and backgrounds, integrated in teams with different requirements according to their levels. Exercises will be worked on in vertical groups, where each student is responsible for an individual part in developing projects specific to each level. This module encourages the development of skills such as analysis, conception, synthesis, development, and implementation of projects, all within the field of design.

1st Subject: Strategy and Creative Process Workshop 


4th year.

Specialization in Product Design (30 ECTS), Specialization in Fashion Design (30 ECTS), Specialization in Service Design (30 ECTS)

This module allows students to orient their design education toward one of the specializations offered.

1st Subject: Specialization in Product Design

2nd Subject: Specialization in Fashion Design

3rd Subject: Specialization in Service Design

4th year.

Degree final project (18 ECTS)

This involves the elaboration and development of a final project, guided and supervised by professors, and a public defense of the final project. This can be completed at a company or institution suited to the specialization chosen by the student.

Subject: Degree Final Project