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The main objective of the University of Navarra's Degree in Environmental Sciences is to train students to become professionals:

  • Who have the basic knowledge and skills that an environmental professional must possess, as well as the specific knowledge and skills in the various fields of application and disciplines that make up Environmental Sciences, and who are capable of solving specific environmental problems (very varied in importance, nature and scale) that every individual and society face. Also, they will be capable to understand the value of the environment in itself and in relation to individual and social human. The environmentalist has adequate training in the scientific and social aspects of the environment. This knowledge allows a specific orientation towards aspects of environmental management, landscapes planning and environmental techniques.

  • Who have scientific curiosity and a capacity for working in international contexts, which will allow them to participate in translational research in the various fields of Environmental Sciences, particularly those related to a policy that prevents effectively the progressive degradation of our environment.

  • Who are equipped with a well-rounded humanistic and cultural education, which will help them develop their personal identities and achieve the attitudes and capabilities needed to provide effective service to society with honor, responsibility, teamwork skills and a spirit of solidarity and service.

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