Graduate Profile

Proyección profesional - Grado en Bioquímica

The main objective of the University of Navarra’s Degree in Biochemistry (Biomedical Focus) is to train students to become professionals:

  • Who have the competences, knowledge and skills required to work in the field of biomedicine at research centers, R&D&I departments, universities and hospitals.

  • Who have knowledge of scientific methods, the principles of study and analysis of the organization and function of biological systems at the molecular level, and the technological applications of biochemical processes, and who are able to work in research laboratories at these centers and departments.

  • Who have access to specialized clinical training, including the study of the chemical factors of human life in healthy and disease states, and the application of chemical and biochemical laboratory methods to disease diagnostics, treatment control, monitoring, prevention and research.

  • Who are equipped with a well-rounded humanistic and cultural education, which will help them develop their personal identities and achieve the attitudes and capabilities needed to provide effective service to society with honor, responsibility, teamwork skills and a spirit of solidarity and service.

  • · In the following pamphlet you can find out more on the Professional Opportunities you’ll have as a School of Sciences graduate.