Introductory subjects and Course 0

The objective of these subjects is that students can begin a degree in the bio-sanitary area, the area of science, or the technical area having acquired the necessary basic knowledge in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

The subjects will be taught from January to May so that they can be taken by international students with a southern study calendar or by students who have progressed throughout the first semester in learning Spanish.

Although basic contents are collected, these subjects are not specifically designed to prepare the admission tests in the different degrees. It is advisable to check their content on their website.

Due to their introductory nature, these subjects cannot be validated in the event that the student decides to take a degree at the University of Navarra.

These subjects are part of the International Foundation Program.

Introductory subjects

Introduction to Chemistry. Second Semester. 3 ECTS. Spanish.

Introduction to Mathematics. Second Semester. 6 ECTS. Spanish.

Introduction to Physics. Second Semester. 3 ECTS. Spanish.

The School of Sciences also organizes an introductory course from August 19th to 29th for students enrolled in any of the School of Science degrees.