Applicant profile

Perfil de ingreso

Spanish and international students, preferably age 19 or younger, with the ability to work hard and work in teams, and who possess eagerness, initiative and an adequate level of English proficiency. For bilingual degree programs, students must have an official certificate from Cambridge or TOEFL upon admission to the School. Students pursuing their studies in the Spanish program must demonstrate their level of English proficiency through an official certificate from Cambridge or TOEFL before presenting their Final Year Project. The point of this requirement is to encourage all students in the School to study and master at least one second language.

All students must demonstrate that they meet the legal requirements to enroll in an official undergraduate degree program.

Studying Management

Students pursue a degree in Management in order to manage a business, or even their own business.

Prospective students

Prospective students should have an interest in management, technology and finance and should be capable of taking responsibility for projects.

What is expected of students

Good work habits, eagerness and initiative. Analytical abilities, mathematical ability and a solution-focused approach to problems of various types.