Academic Conferences

Titles from the academic conferences (workshops, symposia, congresses, etc.) organized by the School each year.


Since 1979, the International Theological Symposium has been held annually. Today, it is called the International Congress of the Schools of Ecclesiastical Studies. It attracts specialists from around the world – theologians, philosophers, legal practitioners, physicians, teachers, etc. – to discuss a single current topic. Participants come from a range of European and American universities, universities in Rome, etc. Members of the Hierarchy, the Holy See and church figures also participate. The published proceedings from the symposia held thus far are available in the Publications section.


During the period of study, weekly or biweekly Professor Seminars are held at which professors from the School of Theology at the University of Navarra, or another higher institute of theology, share the results of their latest research with their colleagues.


In addition to those already mentioned, which are held on a regular basis, there are also other academic conferences dedicated to looking a single topic of interest, a church event or an author of special relevance.

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Curso de Actualización

El programa, el comité organizador y la documentación del último Curso de Actualización en Teología Litúrgica, organizado por la facultad.