Prospective students

Matrícula del curso 2019-2020

  • Enrollment and formalization of enrollment

    Formal enrollment takes place just once per academic year and, once completed, is irrevocable. However, students who feel that they have a right to an appeal or who wish to make a change to their registration have a period of 15 days from the time of formalization to do so. Canceling enrollment does not entail a refund of registration fees or the ability to re-enroll with a different status or for a different program.

    If students do not formally enroll in the academic year for which they were admitted, their admission becomes null and void. After entering the School, if students allow an academic year to go by without renewing their enrollment, they lose their status as students.

    Enrollment is formalized for an entire academic year at a time.

    Students who continue on to the next academic year in their degree program will enroll in the new academic year and, as in applicable, any pending subjects from previous academic years.
     Students who are unable to continue on to the next academic year in their degree program will enroll in all the subjects they need to completely pass the previous academic years.


    • Periods

    The ordinary enrollment period for all students is during the first two weeks of September.

    The registration fee for the licentiate degree program examination and for reading the doctoral dissertation can be paid at any time during the period of study.

    • Documentation

      The duly completed registration form must be submitted along with two passport photos. Those enrolling for the first time must submit a copy of their National Identity Document (Spanish students) or passport (international students). To register to defend a licentiate degree dissertation, five copies of the report should be submitted to the School's Administrative Office, whereas seven copies should be submitted to defend a doctoral dissertation. In both cases, the Administrative Office will provide the degree student with the School stamp.

  • Derechos de inscripción

    Los derechos que aquí se especifican corresponden únicamente a los gastos de tipo académico; no incluyen, pues, gastos de alojamiento, libros, etc. 


    o    Ciclo I (Bachiller/Grado): 53 €/ECTS (3.180 € cada curso)

    o    Ciclo II (Licenciatura/Master): 71 €/ECTS (4.260 € cada curso)

    o    Ciclo III (Doctorado): 1.818 € el primer curso y 1.290 € los cursos sucesivos

    o    Los derechos de Secretaría suponen 95 euros.


    o    Examen de Grado de Bachiller: 291,50 euros

    o    Examen de Grado de Licenciatura: 355 euros

    o    Lectura de la Tesis de Doctorado: 640 euros

    Expedición de títulos

    El importe para la expedición del título de Bachiller, Licenciado o Doctor asciende a:

    o    220 euros alumnos

    o    210 euros familia numerosa

  • Forms of Payment

    The registration fee can be paid in cash, or by check made out to the UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRA, bank transfer or credit card.

    • Bank transfer: If this form of payment is preferred, the fee can be paid into the following current accounts held by the University of Navarra:

    BANCO DE VASCONIA: 0075.4610.11.0600676978

    BANCO SANTANDER: 0049.1821.00.2010571564

    LA CAIXA: 2100.9161.41.2200077798

    When formalizing payment, the voucher of the bank transfer must be submitted.

    • The University of Navarra can also proceed to collect the full amount of your registration fees if you provide the Administrative Office with your bank information (your 20-digit account number).