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Study Medicine in University of Navarra


In 1954, the University of Navarra opened its School of Medicine. The medical program prepares professionals with a solid scientific and technical background which is endowed with a deep respect for human rights and social concerns,
the dignity for the sick, and their families.  

#MedUNAV is part of a world recognized Biomedical Campus in Spain, offering  cutting-edge advances in education with the possibility to study the Degree in Medicine + International Program. This global vision allows our students to be pioneers and develop their professional careers anywhere in the world. 




Core Curriculum

A comprehensive program aimed to give a humanistic awareness of important issues.

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Campus Biomédico

Made up by the Medical School, the University Clinic of Navarra (CUN), the CIMA, and other research centers in tropical health, nutrition, medicine, and medical engineering.

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Formación práctica

Starting in the first year, students acquire clinical competencies in the Simulation Center and develop skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership.

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The University of Navarra is number 1 in Spain and ranked 61 in the world in employability (QS).

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International Program

Gives the Degree in Medicine an international perspective with subjects taught in English, visiting foreign professors, and the possibility to do internships in other countries.

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Students can select a speciality program focused on research or surgery.

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What makes us different?


Medical students at the University of Navarra receive a solid theoretical and conceptual foundation combined with extensive practical trainingSince 1954, the School of Medicine has trained over 10,000 students at its biomedical campus, research, and healthcare centers. 

Our biomedical campus which incorporates the medical school, Clinica Universidad de Navarra (CUN) and the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) makes us a pioneer in Spain. The Medical School offers interfaculty departments, integrated surgical programs, and is continuously supporting its affiliated teaching hospital CUN, the first national center accredited by the Joint International Commission as a university hospital. The Medical School also is enriched by state-of-the-art research centers such as CIMA, which is dedicated to first level clinical scientific research with the aim to service patients, the Institute of Tropical Health and other research centers focused on nutrition and biomedical engineering.


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#MedUNAV has thirty exchange agreements around the world with leading medical universities.
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Medical students can complete clinical rotations with our international partner hospitals. Currently, 100 rotations are offered each year, of which 37 take place in the United States.
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25% of the students from the University of Navarra are international.


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Nine out of ten students from the University of Navarra have interviews with their academic advisors, with a frequency of five times a year.
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#MedUNAV has more than a thousand associated clinicians, doctors who accompany and tutor students in their practical rotations.
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The student is the protagonist at the University of Navarra. In #MedUNAV, for every three students there is one teacher.


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Throughout the career, students perform eight months of mandatory clinical rotations.
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The Simulation Center of #MedUNAV has the most advanced technology and offers students six simulation rooms, two complete operating rooms, and a debriefing room.





What do our students have to say?

Luis Dafner  

Since it is one of the best universities in Spain, I have many oportunity in Spain and I have the possibility to work in the USA or return to Germany. The international program provides students the base level to work at an international setting. 


  Sofya Shustrova  

I chose this school because of its reputation and rankings. Universidad de Navarra has a lot of agreements with medical schools around Europe and other parts of the world, and we have a chance to see and learn medicine in different countries from different specialists. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything.


Lucía Parrado  

From my time at #MedUNAV I would highlight the rotation at Mayo Clinic (USA) and my participation in the organization of JOICE (Interactive Surgery for Students). JOICE is a great opportunity to know how medicine is practiced in other countries. I am fortunate to have been able to contribute my part in this event organized for and by students.


  Andrés Calva  

My goal has always benn to do my residency training in the U.S., so I chose the School of Medicine because it offers a 'practice' USMLE Step 1, in order for us to get an accurate picture of where we stand compared to American medical students, and our chances of doing well on the real thing.



Why the Universidad of Navarra?


Our mission is to transmit the truth, to contribute to the academic, cultural and personal formation of its students, promote scientific research and healthcare activity, offer adequate development possibilities to teachers and employees, and to carry out an extensive work of cultural extension and social promotion, with a clear purpose of service.

The activities of the University of Navarra aspire to present values that guide and characterize the daily work of those who form the University and shape its environment and culture: work, freedom, respect, interdisciplinary, responsibility, service, and internationality.

The University of Navarra is open to the world. One in four students comes from a foreign country. Besides the campus in Pamplona, the University also has other campuses in San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, and New York.



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