SICUE (Outgoing)

The SICUE program (Spanish University Exchange System) aims to provide Spanish students with the opportunity to study part of their degree program at a different Spanish university. 
It is recommended that students who are interested in this program should check whether the syllabus of the following  host universities is compatible with that of our School:
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1 place)
  • Universitat de Barcelona (1 place)
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1 place)
  • Universidad de Granada (1 place)
  • Universidad Miguel Hernández (1 place)
  • Universitat Rovira y Virgili (1 place)
  • Universidad de Valencia (1 place)
  • Universidad de Zaragoza (1 place)
  • Universidad del País Vasco (1 place)

Information on SICUE