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How to apply 2019/2020 - International Candidates

The School of Medicine recognizes candidates as international if they have, or will finish the baccalaureate (high school) outside of Spain.  To apply, candidates must have minimum GPA of 7/10 from the penultimate year of Baccalaureate (high school). 

Candidates must complete the application through the Univeristy’s web portal miUNAV within the deadlines that correspond to the applicant’s application profile.  

International students may select between the BMAT exam or the University of Navarra’s exam. Candidates are not allowed to take both admission tests

  • Admission exams

    International students may select between the BMAT exam or the University of Navarra’s exam. Candidates are not allowed to take both admission tests

    • BMAT: You must register for the BMAT exam prior to the test. Please refer to Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for key dates, registration process, preparation material, and additional information.

    BMAT test dates:

    September 1, 2018

    October 31, 2018

    February 16, 2019

    May 7, 2019

    The School of Medicine will only accept one BMAT score - the first score that is shared with the Medical School.     


    • University of Navarra’s exam:  This is exam is only offered at the Medical School in Pamplona, Spain. Complete information about the test can be found here.

    La nota final de admisión es el resultado de:

    70% · Nota final del examen de Admisión de la Universidad de Navarra.

    30% · Nota media de las asignaturas oficiales de 1º de Bachillerato, tomando en cuenta las materias certificadas por el centro donde se han realizado los estudios.

  • Resolutions

    Students can know their admission resolution through their application portal miUNAV .

    Types of resolution:

    Admitted: Permission to formalize registration through miUNAV.

    Conditional Admission (IP Students): Students applying to the International Program (IP) will have until the date indicated by the Faculty of Medicine to present their English certificate. When they complete the documentation, the Medical School will resolve the application.

    Conditional Admission (IB Students): Candidates whose candidacy has been admitted from the International Baccalaureate (IB) must submit their final grades in the month of July; the final score must prove that the candidate meets the minimum requirements established by the School of Medicine.

    Admitted in another Degree: The student is not admitted to the degree requested, but is considered to have sufficient skills to take any of the degrees offered by the University of Navarra.

    Denied: The candidate has not been admitted to the requested degree nor is a second option offered.

    Not presented: The student does not take the Admission test, so the application is denied.

    *Candidates not admitted who wish a second consideration by the School of Medicine can make an request “instancia” from the miUNAV Portal ("Contact / Help" tab). The request must be accompanied by the EVAU card, in order for the Medical School to review the request.

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