Clinical Case Competition - Premedical Division

The Clinical Case Competition (CCC)- Premedical Division - is a contest that will give you the opportunity to prove that you really want to be part of the only profession that has never changed its core activity: people.

The CCC hopes to give you real a preview of real-life university medical experience. The key will be in the work material that you will get with your team and you will decide what is truly important in order to be able to establish a diagnosis and appropriate treatment to the patient that you will have in your hands. To do this, you will count on the help of a tutor who will be your guide during the different stages  and two tutorials. These may be done on skype or in person. The teams who come to Pamplona indicated in January and February will complete the case with an in vivo of symptoms and development of other skills in the School of Medicine Simulation Center during a day on Saturday.

About the School

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31008 Pamplona

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