Core Curriculum Subjects

At the University of Navarra, each degree includes a curriculum with various types of subjects that can be divided into two groups:

(a) Degree related subjects, which include specific subjects (e.g. Human Anatomy, General Pathology, etc.), and other subjects that deal with matters and implications of the discipline (e.g.: “Legal Medicine and Deontology”, “Medical Ethics”, etc.).

(b) Core Curriculum (CC), which is part of all degrees at the University of Navarra and includes a series of compulsory subjects of general education that the University considers all students must gain regardless of their degree. The aim is to offer not only training as professionals but also offer a humanistic education, foster a spirit of solidarity, and develop the critical capacity to form one’s own convictions.

At present, the compulsory subjects of the Core Curriculum (CC) total 18 ECTS.

Three blocks of subjects are specifically distinguished in the Core Curriculum (CC):

  • 1st year: Anthropology (annual subject of 6 credits).

  • 2nd year: Ethics (annual subject of 6 credits).

  • 3rd year: Keys to current culture (annual subject of 6 credits).

In addition, there are other Core Curriculum elective subjects that can be chosen to cover the optional credits of the Medicine degree.


Core Curriculum Institute

The Core Curriculum Institute is responsible for the teaching of Core Curriculum subjects taught in all Degrees at the University of Navarra.