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The mission of the School of Medicine (1) is to create and nurture a university community, a meeting place for students and teachers, where:

  • Students acquire the most advanced medical knowledge, with a deep respect for the dignity of their patients from conception to natural death, fostering their medical and scientific development, dedicated to serving people locally and world-wide.

  • Faculty carry out outstanding research and clinical care (2) for the benefit of their teaching work, and contribute significantly to the medical, intellectual and human development of their students through theoretical and practical teaching, and individual mentoring.


(1) The School of Medicine was founded in 1954 and is part of the University of Navarra, a university of Christian inspiration, promoted directly by St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei.

(2) Professors of the School of Medicine carry out their clinical duties in the University of Navarra Clinic, teaching hospital center promoted directly by the School in 1958 and to which it remains inseparably united ever since.




We aspire to be a School of Medicine where students determine their own professional and personal development and grow as leaders of the medical profession focused on service to society; where faculty members develop an outstanding teaching, research and clinical profile so that they offer their students extraordinary medical training, inspired by intellectual curiosity. An academic environment in which, through undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs, research and medical practice, the School becomes the global model for teaching medicine centered on and developed for patients and the community.

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Nested Applications


The activities and programs of the School of Medicine are based on enduring and defined values, shared with the entire University of Navarra. The School of Medicine works to demonstrate and transmit those values hoping to contribute in this way to the enrichment and development of the medical profession and society as a whole.


Work is the manifestation of the dignity of each person, a factor in personality development, a bond between human beings and a driving force of progress. Among other consequences, this concept of work involves aspiring to excellence when carrying out tasks and keeping an eye on the details.

The University is a place for harmony, study and friendship, open to people of all conditions, without discrimination based on religion, race, ideology, nationality, sex, etc. The University feels called to contribute to solving the problems facing society and, without moving directly into political action or tasks inherent to other institutions, develops students' capacity to be critical, which enables each person to freely form his or her own opinions and convictions, in an environment of pluralism. Love of freedom and responsibility is the basic principle of academic and professional life, research work, medical and healthcare activity. The management tasks at the University are carried out following principles of joint responsibility and participation.

The university helps students acquire knowledge and develop certain attitudes, such as respect for others, the ability to listen, appropriate behavior, a civic spirit and respect for nature. All these habits help students prepare for professional life and encourage the members of the academic community to take on social responsibility. Respect for privacy is part of the commitment undertaken by those who work in the university community.

As its founder wished, the University of Navarra has had an explicitly stated aim of service and it aspires to contribute to the material and moral betterment of society. This characteristic leads it to learn about and respond to the problems and needs of society in fields related to its teaching and research activity: medical care and healthcare, studies on current issues, university cooperation and many other social promotion activities. Solidarity is a fundamental aspect of the university spirit. The University encourages members of the academic community to participate in specific initiatives to serve those most in need.

The University's mission statement – to seek and present the truth – is a collective enterprise that requires dialogue between specialists from different academic areas. With this approach, the diversity of the sciences is mutually enriching, students acquire an overall vision and knowledge is not overly compartmentalized.

The work of professionals at the University of Navarra should be characterized by a sense of responsibility, and they seek to communicate this attitude to students as part of the University's educational mission. This attitude is reflected in judicious use of resources and taking care of the facilities.

The University of Navarra's educational model promotes an interest in other cultures and helps enrich the international experience of students, professors, researchers, healthcare personnel and other professionals.

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