Prospective students

Why study the Humanities and Social Sciences?

Because the training received at the University of Navarra enables students to choose one of the following employment opportunities.

  • Spanish Philology

    • Teaching (secondary and higher education) and research

    • Teaching Spanish to foreigners

    • Publishing houses, publishing services and libraries

    • Linguistic consultancy services

    • Advertising agencies

    • Cultural management at public and private agencies

    • Cultural promotion companies and NGOs

    • Cultural journalism

  • Philosophy

    • Research: Specialized institutes, foundations and universities

    • Private companies: Master's in Business Administration, human resources departments and cultural foundations

    • Public administration

    • A career in diplomacy

    • Intermediate vocational training and university teaching

    • Newspapers, cultural magazines and news agencies

    • Advertising media

  • History

    • Teaching (secondary and higher education)

    • Library and archives

    • Documentation centers

    • Public and private companies

    • Public institutions

    • Cultural management

    • Advanced historical publication in the press and other media

    • Research (university and company based)

    • Historical consultation in cinema and television

    • Diplomacy

  • Humanities

    • Business: commercial and human resources areas

    • Cultural institutions

    • Cultural departments in town councils

    • Cultural management companies

    • Intermediate vocational training

    • University (teaching and research)

    • Self-employment, business start-ups

    • NGOs

    • Diplomacy

    • International relations

    • International commerce

  • Bilingual Humanities

    • International commerce, human resources, and training in national and multinational companies

    • Specialists and advisors at European public institutions, cultural organizations and event management companies: theaters, orchestras, museums, art galleries, foundations, conference centers

    • International organizations in Spain and abroad

    • Diplomacy

    • Local and community development agencies

    • International relations

    • Teaching

How to apply to study at the University

Given the wide range and number of university programs currently available, you should bear in mind that the university where you earn your degree will make a difference on your professional résumé.

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