Origin, Development and Purpose


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences opened in 1955 with the School of History. The doctoral programs were launched and the Chair of Basque Language and Culture was created in the 1963-1964 academic year. During those years, the Institute of Liberal Arts was also founded to encourage international students to study at the University of Navarra. In 1965 the Licentiate Degree in Romance Philology was launched and the Institute of Spanish Language and Culture, which forms part of the School, was opened in 1967. In November 1973, there were already three areas in the School: History and Geography, Philology, and Philosophy and Educational Sciences.

Over time, some outstanding scholars started arriving at the School's various departments. These figures fueled the intellectual life of the University and spread reflection and wisdom throughout the campus. A distinguished group of scholars who have trained entire generations of humanists, now spread throughout the world.

Today, as before, we want to continue setting a first-class intellectual and academic benchmark , capable of initiating fruitful dialogues and training the humanists of tomorrow.

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The School in figures

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Source: Academic Year 2009-2010 Report

535 _
undergraduate students
165 _
postgraduate students
80 _
students who completed their degree
18 _
autonomous communities of origin
115 _
43 _
teaching and research personnel in training
student-teacher ratio
183 _
grants and scholarships for undergraduate students
26 _
doctoral dissertations defended