LIV Philosophical Meetings

Inteligence and Will in Thomas Aquinas

Call for Papers

Researchers interested in the topics dealt with in the congress are invited to present paper proposals, including title and a 250 words summary. The proposal must be sent as an attachment in an email to the conference director, Prof. Enrique Alarcón before March 1. Only after the acceptance of the communication should the corresponding inscription be formalised.

The presentation of the communication, in person or telematic, should not exceed 20 minutes.

In order to do a telematic presentation of an accepted communication, it's author should record a video in digital format and send it before April 1 to the secretariat of the congress, following the instructions that will be given after registering the corresponding form (modality 2, explained as follows).

When and Where?


April 2018, 26th-27th

Room 30, Central Building
University of Navarra

Contact information

Raquel Goñi
Central Building,
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425600 Ext: 802404