Iciar Astiasarán, Full Professor at the University of Navarra, Vice President of Jakiunde

Iciar Astiasarán is Vice President of Research at the University

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Full professor Iciar Astiasarán FOTO: Manuel Castells
18/02/21 09:17 María Salanova

Professor Iciar Astiasarán Anchía of the University of Navarra has been appointed Vice President of Jakiunde, the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Born in Aretxabaleta in 1960, her doctorate is in Pharmacy; she is a Full Professor in Nutrition and Food Science and currently holds the position of Vice President of Research at the University of Navarra. She has been a permanent member of Jakiunde since its foundation in 2007.

Members of the Academy are publicly recognized for their work in different fields of the pure and applied sciences, artistic creation and critical thinking, and they are committed to working together to share their perception of emerging challenges with society as a whole.

In accordance with the internal regulations of the Academy, Iciar Astiasarán, as Vice President, will represent the President, Juan Ignacio Pérez, as his delegate, or due to his absence or inability to do so.  This is her second term as Vice President, a post she held during the last presidency of Jesus M. Ugalde, along with Carmen Mijangos and Javier Echeverría.

Gold Medal of Gipuzkoa

Professor Iciar Astiasarán is a corresponding member of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy. From 2004 to 2011, she was Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Navarra, and has been a member of scientific committees for congresses and associations. She has participated in more than 50 research projects and has supervised 26 doctoral theses, several of them receiving awards for outstanding achievement and/or international recognition. She is co-author of 140 published articles, 112 contributions to congresses, 36 book chapters, and the co-editor of 16 books; she has achieved 5 six-year research periods (sexenios).

She was awarded the Gold Medal by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council in 2006 for her “scientific career in in the fields of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Safety”, as well as the José María Busca Isasi Prize, awarded by the Basque Academy of Gastronomy. In 2011, the Official College of Pharmacists of Navarre awarded her its "Outstanding Professional Career” Award.


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