The ATLANTES Program at the University of Navarra joins an International Network of Palliative Care Research Centers

The network consists of 25 partner centers from Europe, North America and Australia and aims to provide best-practice care to patients, especially cancer patients

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Izda. a dcha. Carlos Centeno, Carla Reigada, María Arantzamendi, Miguel Sánchez, Alazne Belar, Eduardo Garralda, Danny Van Steijn FOTO: Manuel Castells
11/02/21 13:01 Natalia Rouzaut

The ATLANTES Research Group in the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) at the University of Navarra has been invited to join the European Palliative Care Research Center which is coordinated by the Hospital of the University of Oslo, Norway. This invitation has now been confirmed by the signing of an agreement, which – its researchers say – reflects the international recognition of the work of ATLANTES.

The objective of this network is to offer the best care to patients, especially cancer patients, using a patient-centered, evidence-based approach. To this end, it aims to cover the whole healthcare process: carrying out clinical studies to increase knowledge of best practices, systemizing the latter as guidelines, and finally, implementing this knowledge in the daily activities of healthcare workers.

The projects undertaken between 2020 and 2025 will focus on patient care, because the driving principle is that research is essential to improving clinical practice. This idea aligns with the University of Navarra 2025 Strategy: person-centered care, research in personalized medicine, with a particular focus on end-of-life care.

According to Carlos Centeno, lead researcher with ATLANTES, “Modern palliative medicine is proactive and person-centered medicine, attending to patient needs and respecting their priorities and objectives”. This approach involves a change in healthcare culture, which can only be brought about through the generation of new knowledge, as this research network is committed to doing. The research will address symptoms, emotions, families and healthcare teams, focusing on biomedical aspects as well as issues in the humanities and social sciences.

The ATLANTES research group joins 25 partner centers in the network, which are located in Europe, North America and Australia. ATLANTES research comprises three areas: the Global Palliative Care Observatory, which monitors the global development of palliative care; Intangible Values, which explores the anthropological, historical and ethical aspects of the field; and the Message, which aims to trace a new conceptual framework to promote the true values of palliative care in academia and society.

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