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Information on Masters

We will be visiting your city to answer your questions

Juan Gimeno, Master's Degree Program Coordinator at the University of Navarra School of Education and Psychology will be attending the International Postgraduate Studies Fair​ to be held in different cities over the next few months.

If you are interested in studying the Master's Degree in or the Master's Degreein Educational and Psychological Intervention, our Master's Degree Coordinator 

  • 25 de febrero: ​ Valencia a las 16:00h. Hotel Ayre Astoria Palace

  • 26 de febrero: Barcelona a las 16:00h. Hotel Princesa Sofía

  • 3 de marzo: Zaragoza a las 16:00h. Hotel Boston

  • 5 de marzo: Bilbao a las 16:00h. Hotel Ercilla

  • 6 de marzo: Madrid a las 16:00h. Hotel Villa Magna

  • 9 de marzo: Sevilla a las 16:00h. Hotel NH Central Convenciones

  • 17 de marzo: Salamanca a las 16:00h. Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones

  • 26 de marzo:  ​Donostia-​San Sebastián a las 16:00h. ​K​urs​a​al

  • 21st April: Santiago de Compostela at 4pm. Hotel Monumento San Francisco.

Our coordinator will also be visiting Peru, Chile and Colombia during the month of April, organizing a schedule to be able to answer all your questions in person.

  • from 6th to 9th April in Lima

  • from 10th to 14th April in Santiago de Chile

  • from 14th to 18th April in Bogotá.

For more information, please email him at:

Responsable de admisión

Juan Gimeno
Responsable de Promoción y Admisión

Solicitud de información General contact:
Administrative Office of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Universidad de Navarra Campus
31080 Pamplona

+34 948 425 600 x 805661


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